Divit Spark

Divit Spark

M12 - Three Lane Vehicle Recognition System

The Divit Spark Intelligent Vehicle Recognition System reads all kinds of license plates with its high-resolution sensors. It uses the Integrated Vehicle Recognition Technology developed by Divit, which is a first in Turkey, to identify the vehicle type, brand, and color along with the license plate. The system reads plates with Latin, Cyrillic, and Arabic characters, as well as plates of different colors, shapes, and sizes. It captures and recognizes plateless vehicles and operates continuously with high capture and recognition success 24/7.

  • Driver Profile (Day and Night)
  • Latin, Cyrillic, and Arabic Plates
  • Rectangular, Square, Formal, Non-Reflective Plates
  • Plates with Different Backgrounds and Colors
  • Vehicle Capture > 99+
  • Plate Recognition > 99+
  • Vehicle Type Detection > 90+
  • Vehicle Brand Recognition > 85+
  • Vehicle Color Recognition > 85+
  • Plateless Vehicle Detection
  • 24/7 Continuous Operation

Divit Model M12 - All-in-One Vehicle Recognition System
Feature Description
Type All-in-one vehicle recognition system (Camera, Infrared Illumination, License Plate Recognition Processor).
Vehicle Detection %99+ Capture (Day/Night) Motion-triggered / license plate reading.
License Plate Recognition %99+ recognition performance (Day/Night).
License Plate Recognition Features Rectangular, Square, Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Persian Alphabet Plates, Official, Non-reflective plates, Plates with different colors and backgrounds.
Type Recognition %90+ recognition performance (Car, Van-Minibus, Jeep, Truck, Bus).
Brand Recognition %85+ recognition performance with recognition of 64 different brands. It can be trained with newly emerging brands.
Color Recognition %85+ recognition performance (Gray-White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green).
Unplated Vehicle Detects unplated vehicles, pedestrians, and motorcycles. Images of unlicensed vehicles are sent with the status "UNREADABLE" by capturing the image.
Photo Daytime color, nighttime black/white. Uninterrupted full photo of the vehicle. The percentage of interrupted records is less than 5%.
OSD Feature Supports displaying date, time, and pre-assigned camera name information on the photo.
Vehicle Detection Range Detects all passing vehicles at speeds of 0-240 km/h.
Single Vehicle Single Issue Generation Produces a single result regardless of the vehicle's maneuver. Two consecutive vehicles are not perceived as a single vehicle.
Average Speed Measurement Electronic Surveillance Systems (ESS) Average Speed Measurement Hardware is compliant with TS 13788 standard.
Remote Update All software components can be automatically updated centrally, and system version information can be listed.
Multiple Server Support Sends data to any number of servers over the network.
Resolution 12 MP.
Lane Processing Simultaneous processing of 3 lanes, minimum 3MP image per lane.
Frame Rate 30 fps. Supports 25 fps at Full HD resolution.
Sensor Size 1/1.8.
Video Bit Rate 32Kbps~16Mbps.
Lens Speed 1/1s ~ 1/100,000s.
Trigger (Relay) 2 Alarm Relay Outputs.
Security User Authentication, Watermark, IP address filtering, Anonymous access.
Day & Night Day - Night Mode / Infrared Light Cut Filter / Photocell (Automatic Switching).
Lens Megapixel Min.11-40mm/Megapixel/IR Support. At MTF 140LP/mm, the center is better than 40%, and the edge is better than 30%.
Ethernet 10Mbit/100Mbit (10Base-T / 100Base-TX).
Time Synchronization NTP, local time information "http://IP/getdatetime", GPS (Optional).
Interface WEB Interface "http://IP" - Supports JavaScript and ActiveX formats.
Live Image "http://IP/stream" 1280x960 12.5 FPS. The system that comes with the default IP supports obtaining an IP via DHCP when needed.
Supported Formats MPEG, JPEG, H.264, H.265. Bandwidth: 256 / 512 /1024 / 2048 / 4096 kbps or unlimited.
Type Approval It has the National Type Approval Certificate for Measurement Instruments from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.
Hardware Failure Reporting Supports. Fault Notification Variables: devicebios, version, errorType, errorDevicePart, errorCode, errorText.
Local Data Storage 256 GB storage space. Upgradable to 512 GB.
File Name Format Identical to the KYGS Type Specification format.
File Transfer Adjustable from 1 to 20.
Disk Management Automatically transfers when a connection is established. Old data is deleted when the disk is full.
Disk Management Report When communication is established; start and end times, number, information, plate data waiting to be sent, information, and count are reported.
Hardware Observer Automatic control hardware that comes into operation in case of a fault condition. It operates without the need for reset processes when the power outage is over.
Protection Class IP 66.
Protection Class Features Resistant to all kinds of weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, humidity, etc., dustproof, impact-resistant aluminum housing.
IR Illumination 15 High Power LEDs (850nm wavelength) with a usage life of 50,000 hours.
Heater and Fan Available.
Sun Protection Visor Available.
Relative Humidity Range Supports 0-90%.
Weight 4.5 kg.
Operating Voltage 220VAC, POE (Optional).
Power Consumption Maximum 75 Watts.
Operating Temperature (-40°) ~ (+60°).
Dimensions 165 x 158 x 408 (W: 165mm, H: 158mm, D: 408mm).

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