We are an innovation company focused on image and video processing, with products on license plate recognition,traffic video analysis and face recognition.

Divit was founded in 2004 by a team of academicians at Istanbul Technical University led by Prof. Muhittin Gökmen, in order to create high-value technological products from knowledge generated by the years of research done in ITU's Computer Vision labs. It thrived in the following years thanks to Prof. Gökmen's 20 years of experience in the field as well as the hard work and contributions of team members.
The company's flagship product had been until now their license plate recognition software, Divit-PTS, which is recognized nationwide as one of the best solutions in the field. The license plate recognition suite has been adapted by numerous gated communities, installed in tens of parking lots, used by local police departments for security purposes, and by firms on vehicles in order to find wanted vehicles in traffic.
In the years in between, the License Plate Recognition suite was extended; with additional features such as make, model, type, color, and speed recognition, as well as traffic code violation detection on highways.
In the face recognition field, the company has developed real-time face recognition on live video feeds; face matching from still images; and mobile face recognition applications. The Divit Face API is the culmination of the experience gained from the development of these products. A Face Recognition SDK is also under development at this time.



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