About Us

Divit Technology is an R&D company established by academics from the Department of Computer Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, located within ITU Technopark. It has successfully completed 7 TÜBİTAK projects, implementing artificial intelligence-supported facial recognition, license plate recognition, people counting, and traffic analysis systems. Its advanced technology products are successfully used both domestically and internationally.
Smart Camera

With our knowledge and field experience, we have redesigned our Divit Spark branded camera, which has a certificate of local goods.

Divit Spark fully meets the specifications of the EGM KGYS. It is produced in our TSE-certified manufacturing center at Istanbul Technical University. In multi-lane field tests conducted by TSE, it has demonstrated 100% vehicle capture and 100% accurate license plate recognition performance. Currently, it is installed and actively working in over 2000 locations, including Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. In the provinces where it is installed, it is the PTS product with the highest customer satisfaction, lowest failure rate, and fastest fault intervention.

High Performance

Divit systems work with a success far above the following criteria in KGYS specifications: "The ratio of the number of vehicles captured with license plates by the system to the total number of vehicles passing on the road must be at least 96%, and the ratio of the number of vehicles whose license plates are correctly read to the number of vehicles captured by the system must also be at least 95%." In acceptance tests conducted at many points and independent observations, Divit has been observed to achieve over 99% vehicle capture and over 99% license plate recognition success.

Uninterrupted Support

Divit has been active in the industry for over 20 years. Since its establishment, Divit has adopted a 24/7 support philosophy, swiftly addressing problems, upgrading old systems from different companies when necessary, and becoming a source of trust.

Reference List

Divit systems are used in a wide range of areas from highways, parking lots, residential areas to mobile vehicles. They are utilized in highly significant locations such as Istanbul Airport, the General Staff Headquarters, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM), the Presidency, and Customs Border Gates.