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Integrated Vehicle Recognition System

Divit Integrated Vehicle Recognition (IVR)

The software seamlessly integrates with Divit Highway License Plate Recognition System, enabling the identification of not only the license plate information from the camera footage but also the vehicle type, brand, model, color, and speed.

The system provides vehicle information alongside the license plate. It enables the detection of vehicles whose license plates have been changed.

With a single camera;

License plate, brand, model, type, color, and speed information

No additional hardware cost

Update support for new models

Divit License Plate Recognition Systems


is the foundational software developed by Divit since 2004, utilizing image processing and artificial intelligence methods for license plate recognition.

Thanks to R&D studies supported by TUBITAK (TEYDEB)

an Integrated Vehicle Recognition (IVR) module has been added to Divit.PTS software. Thus, the Divit License Plate Recognition Software can recognize not only the license plate of a vehicle captured with a single camera but also its brand, model, type, color, and speed information.

License Plate Recognition System (2005)

Divit-LPR, Divit-Highway, Divit-Residence, PTS-SDK.

Integrated Vehicle Recognition System - IVR (2009)

License Plate, Brand, Model, Type, Color, and Speed Recognition

Vehicle Transport and Violation Detection - TRANS (2011-)

Single camera for License Plate Recognition, Lane Violation, and Speed Violation on 3 Lanes.

Supported by TUBITAK,

Within the scope of another R&D project supported by TUBITAK, the Vehicle Recognition and Video Analysis (TATVAN) in 2011, the TRANSIS product was developed. This product, equipped with a high-resolution camera, allows for the identification of license plates, brand, model, type, color, and speed information of moving vehicles on highways. Additionally, it enables the determination of the behaviors and violations of vehicles in traffic.

Divit License Plate Recognition Systems

Divit.Highway License Plate Recognition System

is commonly used by law enforcement agencies at city entrances and exits for querying, tracking, and traffic control of moving vehicles.

POLNET connection,

It allows law enforcement agencies to generate real-time alarms with Black and White list applications, enabling them to take immediate actions.

Usage Areas

  • Urban Center Entrances and Exits

  • Industrial Zones

  • Bridges

  • Highways

  • Tunnels

  • Toll Booths

  • Remote online support

  • 24/7 uninterrupted operation

  • Web-based application

  • Zero operating cost

  • Software support according to needs

  • User-friendly interface

  • Log records for all operations

  • Monitoring, reporting, and statistics retrieval

  • Central/local management and tracking

Divit License Plate Recognition Systems


Used to provide access control at points where entry and exit tracking is desired for sites.

Convenience for Subscribers,

Divit.Site, an application that provides ease of access for subscribers, allows management units to easily generate reports regarding entering and exiting vehicles. Queries can be made based on the vehicle plate or time interval.

Both with IP and analog camera

Central management and tracking

Log record for all transactions

Changes as needed

User-friendly interface

Zero operating cost

Online Support

With a User-Friendly Interface,


software makes entry and exit tracking extremely easy for users. Additionally, with Divit.Site, it is possible to easily generate registration logs based on different criteria. It can be used in various areas such as site and parking entrances, courts, airports, military areas, campuses, and bank headquarters.



Divit Facial Recognition Systems

Divit Facial Recognition Systems

incorporates patented, proprietary methods.

100% Domestic

product, allowing it to be adapted and developed according to the needs of public and private security institutions. This is of great importance both for security and for achieving short, medium, and long-term goals.

Facial Recognition with Mobile Devices

Facial Matching

Facial Recognition from Live Video

Facial Recognition with Mobile Devices

Recognizes faces in photos taken with the camera of mobile devices or previously saved photos by comparing them with a database of pre-saved faces.

Facial Matching

Recognizes faces in a given photograph by comparing them with faces in the database. Additionally, when a searched face is provided, it identifies faces in the photos and determines the photos in which they are present.

Facial Recognition from Live Video

Enables the detection and recognition of faces in live-recorded or previously recorded videos. This allows real-time recognition of individuals passing through places such as metro stations, airports, or stadiums by comparing them with the faces in the database and generating alarms when necessary.

Divit-PTS (License Plate Recognition System) is a product of Divit's advanced software technologies, developed through years of academic research at Istanbul Technical University. Currently, it is used within the framework of MOBESE, Police Directorates, public institutions, sites, and parking lots.

Divit Integrated Vehicle Recognition (IVR) Software can detect not only the license plate information but also the vehicle's type, brand, model, color, and speed by integrating with the Divit Highway License Plate Recognition System. It successfully recognizes plates with Latin and Arabic characters.

The mobile license plate recognition system, Divit CAR, is now available for your service. Vehicle capture services with Divit CAR are provided by Merkez Otomotiv Ltd. Şti.